If you are the kind of person who needs to be reminded two or three times that you look good before you actually head out the door, then this article is just for you! You probably made the decision that you need to improve self confidence because you are not going to go very far in life with low self esteem unless you are Kristen Stewart, and no, you are not!

So here are a few tactics to help you build self esteem.

  1. Take A Different Road – Dr. Phil said (and everything that Dr. Phil says we have to listen to!) that doing something so simple like taking a different route to work or doing something out of the ordinary will give you a different and better outlook on life. You suddenly feel more alert, more alive and this will also help with the level of self esteem you have. Maybe get a new haircut or change your wardrobe. Just try it.
  2. You’re Unique – There are 7 billion and odd people in this world alone. You may have a common name like Sam Smith, but even a person like Sam Smith (the singer) has done something different with his life! You are unique, with your own set of experiences and outcomes. By reminding yourself about this, you build confidence automatically.
  3. Adopt A Hobby – They say that dancing makes one confident and that is also the reason Lady Gaga became famous because she sang Just Dance in every club across the globe! Painting, drawing, practicing some magic – whatever catches your fancy, just try doing it and see how it helps with the confidence levels. Try It!
  4. Reach Out – Living in your own world and throwing yourself a pity party for one is not going to get you anywhere on the road to improving personal confidence. But if you try volunteering at the local soup kitchen or teach underprivileged students some math, you will see that the world is bigger than yourself. Also, at the end of the day you will feel like you have achieved something that few can boast about and that will make you feel mentally stronger.
  5. Achieve A Goal – Build yourself a vision board and try your best to achieve at least one goal on it. Maybe there is that unfinished project in the garage you have avoided or a manuscript you never got to complete. Whatever it is, big or small, you can do it! Once you cancel something off your bucket list, you will definitely feel happier and more confident.

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