Time and time again we have heard experts talk about a “vision board”. What is it exactly? How does it help you build confidence. Well, let’s find out…

We all have personal goals we want to achieve. They are there, somewhere in our heads, shoved under the pile of daily to-do lists and incomplete tasks that are yet to be finished! Most of them are ambiguous; we lost our sight when we decided that living a regular life was more safe that doing something that we feel others will laugh at if we fail at it. But by ignoring your true desires, you’re making the mistake of “leaving it for a better time, another day”. Try thinking this way: you have one chance in this life to make it happen and what is the harm in trying? At least you will know the outcome before your life is through.

A vision board helps clear the goal. When you make a definitive list of all the things you hope to accomplish, you get up every morning with a spring in your step and go to sleep at night with a more positive outlook. This also does wonders for your self esteem.

A vision board can be made in different ways. If you are the visual kind of person, you can either draw pictures on a paper or stick images together to create a collage. If you are a more organized person, try creating charts. Venn diagrams, graphs, circles, squares, triangles – whatever takes your fancy can be added if it’s helping you envision your dream. Maybe you are a writer and love to create lists, so you can go for something like a bucket list that you can cancel off as and when you accomplish what you are seeking. And when I say accomplish, I mean even a tried attempt is fine. No one says you have to win a prize to feel important. Merely trying is also good enough, for a start.

The point of a vision board is to make you feel like you have a purpose. You don’t need to lose confidence because people around you don’t give you enough credit. If you are living every day with a goal in your head and working toward it, your self esteem levels will shoot up in no time.

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