Every time that you cross someone’s path, you are also passing by someone’s personal success story. You may not know it, but they and you have been through hell and been out of it. The difference between a confidence person and someone who has self esteem issues is that the former remembers the hell and also acknowledges the fact that they came out of it. The latter person would be focusing on the hell itself, unable to see that they were a hero to find a way to make it through another day.

You want success stories on personal confidence? Look at the greatest people in history. They say Abraham Lincoln used to suffer from depression, but he overcame that and became the President Of The United States and did so many good things for the people of the land. Oprah was a slave girl who did menial jobs and was told she was ugly and wouldn’t account for much. The day she realized that the power was within her, was the day she started changing her own life and ultimately countless other lives for the better. What about that teenager who used to sit alone in class, eat lunch in the bathroom and have cuts and bruises under long sleeves? He or she had the courage to fight for another day.

People these days are insensitive. Pressure is building personally and professionally. No one believes anymore in a 9-5 job and numerous marriages are failing. But every one of them and you have fought the good fight of faith and won! Achievement doesn’t need to be academic. Being a winner doesn’t mean that you have to get all the praise at work, neither does it mean coming first in the race. Being an accomplished human being means that you take life in your stride and still carry on. Sometimes pointing at another person’s success makes us feel like we have done little to nothing in our own lives. But I feel that being able to get up everyday and start fresh is an achievement in itself. Those who criticize others and make others feel small are really sad people because they don’t see the inner struggle that is much greater than the exterior show we all put on.

The very fact you are still breathing means that you have a purpose. I may sound like I am preaching, but really, all I am doing is making you feel confident about who you are, right now. Not after you win an award, or when you finish a task. Understanding that you are unique and building yourself up from there is what takes courage. The phoenix is not revered around the world because it burned to ashes – it is a symbol of strength because it rose from there so much stronger and wiser. You need to be self confident, because sometimes that is all you got. Quitting or taking someone’s small-minded opinion into consideration is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Look in the mirror because that is the person you are going to live with for the rest of your life. If you don’t start appreciating that, then it is a precious life gone to waste and you will let all the haters win. Believe in yourself and encourage yourself daily not for someone else’s approval, but for your own!

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