Yes, personal confidence does start with you. But it also entails spreading that vibe to those around. Maybe you have a colleague or co-worker who you find constantly in the corner, avoiding eye contact and being absent at social events. Many others may ignore said colleague and talk about that person behind their back, calling them names like Wallflower and such. If you truly have a leadership mentality and want to look out for others, then it is important that you try boosting other people’s confidence levels as well. It goes a long way in helping them become better people and ultimately, more efficient. Here are some ways you can Improve Confidence in Others:

  1. Praise Them Often – An introvert is usually taken aback by praise, but that is mostly because it is given so rarely. By being encouraging and acknowledging them when they do a good job, you bring them more confidence and ultimately they will begin to open up in other areas as well. No one is saying that you give them fall praise or hide their failings, but when they really did something well, don’t deny them the benefit of a good old compliment!
  2. Remind Them Of Achievements – Remember that time that they won Employee of the Month? Or when they got that medal back in high school. There are unlimited achievements that others may consider minor, but by telling someone that you remember what they did and that they did good, you give them the confidence they can fall back on when they have self-doubt. There is nothing better than to show them that you believe in them, even when they don’t believe in themselves.
  3. Compliment Them – You don’t need to be professional all the time. If you see someone who is wearing something quite fetching, or whose outfit accentuates their best features, tell them about it. Though people don’t show it, they may be feeling a little under-confident if they wear something out of the box and need some encouragement. Others are usually critical at the drop of a hat, but you don’t have to be that way. Say something good or don’t say anything at all.
  4. Make Them Say Something Good About Themselves – Self-criticism is probably one of the ways where people feel like they aren’t good enough. Social media has made us so critical about every little thing we do because of the “likes” or approval we get from others, but you don’t have to be that way. You can just as easily remind a person to say something good about themselves after you hear them put themselves down. By creating this habit, people will not find themselves feeling low because they know that just as there is something bad in them, there is also that much good!
  5. Encourage Participation – Schools had this awful way of making students pair up for projects. Even for those who are the closest of friends, there is that moment of doubt about being picked or being left out and embarrassed. But as a grown up, you can be that person who includes everybody in talks and discussions, no matter the size of the group. People who are made to feel important start gaining self-confidence and you can be proud of the fact that the seed was sown by you!

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